I have always considered myself good with words yet it’s crazy how long it took me to find the right words to explain to you how much change you have brought into my life, into our lives. I hope that you get to read this letter one day and realise how much you are loved.  Each and every day that I have spent with you ever since you were born has been a lesson. A lesson in love, understanding, patience and forgiveness. Days spent with you have been a lesson on gratitude, healing, peace and purpose. You give me a sense of purpose, you inspire me to do better and I look forward to meeting you every morning. You have brought healing to so many of us, you are the antidote we didn’t know we needed. You were conceived in love, my kings you are loved, you are needed and you are the light of our lives.


I can’t wait to watch you blossom into beautiful young men. I pray that you make this world a better place, I pray that the good Lord protects you and I pray that you are rooted in love always. My duty to you as your mother is to make sure that I protect you, love you and give you a sense of belonging in a world that is already full of so much hate. I want you to be men of kindness, men of peace and men leadership, let your heart lead you and not your head.


We love you Ntandoyedlozi Buwazi and you Melizwe Bubelebenkosi.