It fascinates me how society is forever calling Kim kardashian a whore like she was having sex alone on the sex-tape that was leaked by her ex-boyfriend Ray J and distributed by Vivid Entertainment. It seems like everyone has forgotten that were two people involved in the making of that dirty piece of work (yes I watched it and enjoyed every minute of it) because the guns seem to be blazing at Kim more than Ray J. Now from a feminist point of view I find this very unfair, the tape was an effort of two yet I have never heard anyone refer to Ray J as a manwhore but that’s a common double standard of society, the male gets away with this shit and the female gets called a whore. Besides her mad fashion sense and beauty I love how Kim took something that could have potentially destroyed her whole life and milked it as much as she could, because to be honest I did not know who Kim Kardashian was prior to that sex tape. I am a loyal fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and there are times where I am greatful for that sex tape because I don’t think I would have ever known that family, I saw how much the tape upset Kim yet with the world forever throwing stones at her she has the courage to wake up everyday and live her life fiercely, not a lot of women have that kind of strength and I applaud her. I love Kim Kardashian to bits!!!