I have stressed this couple of times to my girlfriends but they never seem to listen, your boyfriends friends are not your friends. Sharing close friends as a couple is kind of a bad idea, I know it’s hard to stay away from and we love to be one big happy family with our friends. I cannot speak for the men or about the men but I will speak to the females. When your man starts cheating his friends will be the first to know about it and no matter how much you think they love you they will never tell you, their loyalty is with their boy not you. His friends know him inside out, they know a side of him that will never be introduced to you, they are the ones that know whether he truly loves you or not. Your boyfriend complains to them when you are troubling him, he tells them the things he likes about you and the things he doesn’t like about you, and like all other men sometimes do, he may share some of your bedroom secrets with his friends. The friends are the ones who know whether you are his sidechick of his main girlfriend, and if you happen to be the side chick they are the ones that help him hide his secrets from you. Respect his friends because they are close to him but don’t make them your close friends too, they will never choose you over their boy. Imagine finding out that your man has been cheating and these men whom you also call your friends never bothered to tell you, won’t that sting? Won’t you feel betrayed? There is nothing worse than finding out that a whole group of people have known about your man’s shenanigans except you, I have been through that type of pain and I am sure a couple of other females have to so watch it.